Episode 17

Published on:

18th Mar, 2020

Episode 16

Published on:

8th Jan, 2020

Episode 14

Published on:

11th Dec, 2019

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Earful of Fantasy
Fantasy football insanity with Poach and Chris - Live weekly on Facebook.
Earful of Fantasy is a weekly fantasy football livestream and podcast featuring Poach and Chris. They'll talk about their best and worst decisions, out there ideas and tips and tricks to help you dominate your league. They may not be experts, but they sure enjoy what they do. Follow along at facebook.com/earfuloffantasy or @EOFantasy on twitter. An Earful of Sports Media podcast.
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Founded in 2017, Earful of Sports Media Network is creators of Earful of Dirt, Earful of Fantasy and En La Mele podcasts.